Judicial and Administrative Compliance Monitoring Programs

Compliance Monitoring programs combine alcohol interlocks and countermeasures to ensure that an impaired driver will not start a vehicle. Program participants are either mandated administratively or court-ordered to install an alcohol interlock in their vehicle for a specific duration. During that period, the participant’s driving activity and alcohol test results are recorded and accessible by the Program Administrator.

ACS offers compliance monitoring services around the world with ALCOLOCK™, our partner through common ownership.


ALCOLOCK™ seeks to rehabilitate convicted drink drivers on their way to license reinstatement. We support and guide our clients through what can be an intimidating and complicated process, and aim for successful program completion.

At the same time, we work with jurisdictional authorities to ensure that all program requirements are met, and any violations promptly reported. The result is an effective and positive way to be certain that clients do not drink and drive, both during the program and afterwards.

Service based program

ALCOLOCK™ understands that to ensure that clients learn from the program they must understand the process and technology. We offer:

  • Training on the ignition interlock device (IID) and program expectations
  • Scheduled service appointments to eliminate waiting times
  • A Toll free, 24/7 technical support line

Expert reporting to administering authority

ALCOLOCK™ devices are monitored using our proprietary software. Testing events are securely encrypted, and all violations are reported to jurisdictional authorities within hours of IID service. All devices, programs and reports are fully customizable to meet the requirements of any laws or governing body.

Reliable ignition interlock equipment

ALCOLOCK™ is a vertically integrated company; we manufacture the ignition interlocks used in our program. We stand behind the quality of our products and the service provided by our expert technicians.

ALCOLOCK™ IIDs are among the most reliable on the market. They feature:

  • INTELLIHUM™ and other technologies to verify sample is human breath
  • Police-grade fuel cell technology for accurate readings
  • Fail-safes to ensure clients won’t be mistakenly stranded